Company Name LOGLY, Inc.
Established May 30, 2006
Address Unosawa-Tokyu Building 7F, 1-19-15 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0013, Japan
FAX +81-3-6277-5466
President & CEO Hirokazu Yoshinaga
(as of November 1, 2022)
Financial Status
(as of March 1, 2021)
Capital:JPY 407,537,140
Group moto,Inc.


LOGLY lift

" Japan's first native ad platform "

The native advertising platform "LOGLY lift" will further increase the value of digital advertisements by providing adspot that are integrated into the design of the media and adspot that do not impair the user experience.


" eSports tournament platform with prize money for all tournaments "

Adictor is equipped with functions that provide one-stop support for tournament management, such as automatic generation of tournaments from participants, and a chat tool.


" Clarify your audience insights with Juicer "

Juicer is a free analytics DMP aimed at understanding your audience. By analyzing, and visualizing the attributes, digital behavior, needs and interests of each users, you can find out who they are and what they expect.


" Marketing tools to enhance customer enthusiasm "

OPTIO is a No-Code marketing tool that allows you to design and implement pop-ups, diagnostics, quiz, navigation, and chat with no code. It improves CVR, prevents abandonment, and increases Pages Per Session who have “somehow” visited your site.


Become a contributor of paradigm shift
without missing opportunity once in 100 years

Various technologies were born in the 20 years since the birth of the Internet, they have changed our lives. In 2006 when LOGLY was born, it became Web 2.0 boom, and numerous Web services appeared. Meanwhile, various technologies were born, and they have changed our lives. In particular, social networking services are penetrating our lives. Information that users have unilaterally transmitted until that time formed a connection of people by social graph and created a sharing economy. A moment when a new paradigm is created by technology.

Since its founding, LOGLY focuses on "logs" and is trying to solve social problems with a data driven method. Native ads are one of them. We will address this issue through technology and content and make digital ads meaningful again. Native ads are not the final form of digital advertising. And our mission is to pursue 'preferred advertisements' in the future.

Although the log is data that recorded facts at a certain timing, it is possible to detect abnormality and predict future by technology. We believe in the power of data.

LOGLY got listed on June 2018. This is just a start to realizing a paradigm shift for us. From now on, we will expand our research area and challenge new fields as well as digital advertisements.The Internet is an industrial revolution once in a hundred years. I will continue to refine my technology without missing the opportunity once in 100 years.

President & CEO Hirokazu Yoshinaga

President & CEOHirokazu Yoshinaga